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Metalasia consists of King Shah (Guitarist), Ritz (Guitarist), Sam Maya (Drummer), Rozhan (Bassist) and Muix (Voaclist).
Their music is strongly influenced by the sounds of the guitars as their aim to relive the glorious days of guitars heros that were widely popular in the 80’s. Metalasia’s music is categorized into the progressive rock genre. The band is self-proficient as they compose, write lyrics, arrange, perform and produce all of the material on their albums. Their latest album released in 2002 entitled “Silantra…Bermulanya Sebuah Epik”, is based on the concept of a rock opera. The rich compositions feature intricate musical arrangements, solid guitar harmonies that are very different from the current
local music trends. Their music has given a new definition to local mainstream rock/metal music.

In the recognition of their music, Metalasia won the Best Hard Rock Album award at the recent Anugerah Industri Muzik AIM 2003. Malaysia Book of Records also acknowledged the band for being the first music group to produce an album with an epic concept. Metalasia is currently being sponsored by Line 6 Amplifiers – USA (C.K. Music) and Ibanez Guitar – Japan (Bentley Music).


Ning started singing professionally at the age of six by recording radio and television jingles and began formal studies at the age of nine under the renowned Indonesian opera linguist and soprano Siti Chairani for five years. At the same time, she also sang with the National Choir and was offered a full scholarship in music at the prestigious Vienna Conservatoire.

Ning crossed offer into the commercial scene in 1994 and became a recording artiste under various international labels (Sony BMG, AMS Records Japan and currently, WEA), where she recorded within the genre of pop and R&B. Her discography
includes eight full albums and numerous compilations. Ning has also won various industry awards and prizes, and has performed in the UK, France, China, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Ning is best known for her stage performances, an extensive repertoire and her versatility especially in cross-over projects such as the one talented. She is also acts and has taken roles in a musical, four major films and a short film plus a telemovie.

Beside singing and acting, Ning is also a violinist and played the 1st violin in the National Youth Orchestra in her teens. She is also the ambassador of, F1, The Singapore Tourism Board, DIOR, REDKEN, Yuzari Batik, and has strong brand associations with EON, The Carat Club and Air Asia.


Mohammed Rauzan Alwi, or Roy as he is commonly known, began singing and acting professionally in 1990. he cut his first album entitled ‘Nekad’ in the following yearwhich brought him a hit with the song ‘Disusuri Mimpi’. Subsequently Roy released a second album, ‘Ratnaku’ in 1993 and was a guest artist on Hilary Ang’s rock album in the album in the same year.

As an actor, Roy has taken roles in both theatre productions and television dramas. Among his most notable performances are in the English production of ‘Uda Dan Dara’ at MATIC, Kuala Lumpur and in the telemovie ‘Obsesi’ released in 1996.

With his strong vocals and pleasing singing styles, Roy has represented Malaysia at AT, WTF and is a regular performer at Tourism Malaysia’s many promotion road shows including to the USA, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, the Philippines and Thailand.


Sudirman Haji Arshad was born 25 of May 1954 in Temerloh Pahang. He had his early education at Temerloh Primary School, Pahang in 1961. His secondary education was at Sri Bahagia Secondary School, Temerloh and at Sultan Abu Bakar Secendary School, Kuantan Pahang where he completed his form six. He then went to the University Malaya from 1976 until 1980 and successfully graduated with a law degree. Although trained as a lawyer, he made his career as a singer.

He got involved in singing after being successful the champion of the RTM Star Search in 1976. He made his first EP under Warnada entitled “Teriring Doa” in the same year. He became an artiste of EMI in 1978 and his first album was “Aku Penghiburmu”.

During his lifetime, Sudirman was recorded 18 Malay and English albums produced in the form records and cassettes. After his demise, four more albums were produce between the year 1992 and 1996 making total 22 albums.

Amongst these were , “Perasaan” (1979), “Anak Muda” (1980), “LAgu Anak Desa” (1981), “Lagu Dari Kota” (1981), “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” (1981), “Abadi” (1982), “Lagu Cinta” (1982), “Images” (1983), “Orang Baru”(1984), “Lagu Dari Sebuah Bilik” (1984), “Malam Anak Desa di UKM” (1985), “Orang Kampung” (1986), “Kul It” (1989), “Pilihan sentimental Emas” (1987). “Asia’s No. 1 Performer” (1989), “Lagu-Lagu Rakyat” (1989), dan “Koleksi Klasik” (1991). After his demise the albums produced were “Jauh Di Sudut Hati” (1992), “Balik Kampung” (1993), “Setelah Kau Tiada” (1995) and “Dwidekat” (1996).

He got married in 1981, but ended in 1984. Divorced. Sudirman gave all his heart to his career including writing, sketching, and started his own company.

The singer with the people’s spirit was the only one who had created history by organizing his mega concert in middle of busy Chow Kit Road. Ha was also known for songs like “Chow Kit Road”, “Aku Penganggur”, “Balik Kampung” and patriotic song like “Tanggal 31”. Many of his songs used themes of city and country living and ordinary citizens making him an entertainer liked by many. Apart from Malaysia, his
albums were a hit in neighbouring countries like Thailand, Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia.

Amongst his achievements in his career were, Best TV Entertainer 1978 and 1985, Best Entertainer Muzik Muzik 1987. His biggest achievement had been on 19th March 1989 in Royal Albert Hall, London when he won an award as the Number One Entertainer in Asia defeating singers from all Asian countries. He was also awarded the Malaysia’s Official Entertainment Ambassador by the Malaysian Tourism Board in 1985 and the Special Music Industry Award (AIM) in 1993.

He tried his luck in screen acting in a film entitled “Kami” directed by Patrick Yeoh. He was also active in the country’s singer association (PAPITA) and was a Deputy President.

In 1982, he was awarded the Johan Mangku Negara (JMN) Medal from the King and Ahli Mangku Negara (AMN) from Sultan of Pahang. He was also awarded the Tokoh Berjasa Pahang Medal from the Arts and Tourism Committee of Pahang.

At 4 am on the 22nd of February 1992 at the age of 37 years, Sudirman passed away from pneumonia.


A respected and prolific producer, composer and singer, Ramli Sarip is a multi-talented artiste who has stamped his reputation as outstanding and influential performer of metallic rock and also melodious and meaningful folk and ethnic songs using traditional instruments. Ramli’s involvement in the local industry began 25 years ago with rock group Sweet Charity.

Now, as a solo artiste, Ramli has successfully produced his own music which combines western arrangement with traditional rhythm and soulful lyrics.

Among his achievement include:
Silver disc for best selling albums (1979) – Sweet Charity.
Composer and author’s society of Singapore (compose) execellence award for 1998.
Bulan bahasa 1999.
Best lyric for song entitled “iqra” from syair timur album 2002 most outstanding musician award by radio passion 99.9

Throughout his career from 1979 – 2004, Ramli involved in producing 39 albums as a group (with Sweet Charity), duet and solo.

Ramli performed as a guest artiste during the Konsert Simfoni Rakyat Malaysia in Istana Budaya on 5 – 7 March 2004.


Raihan in Arabic means “The Scent from Heaven”. Since 1966, Raihan carved its reputation as a pioneer in the nasyid and spiritual songs industry in Malaysia. 700,000 of their debut album, Puji-Pujian was sold and this broke the record of best selling album in history of Malaysian music.

To date, 1.5 million Raihan’s six solo albums and a couple of compilation albums were sold in Malaysia and world wide.

As a respected spiritual music ambassador, Raihan was performed not only in Malaysia, but also in Europe. This dynamic group has collaborated with various prominent and influential artiste including Ustaz Amaluddin Napiah and also Yusuf Islam (formerly known as Cat Stevens).

After their leader, the late Azhari Ahmad passed away in 29 September 2001, Raihan continues their journey with four members including Nazrey Johani, Che Amran Idris, Abu BAkar Md. Yatim, and Amran Ibrahim, under the Warner Music Malaysia label.

Raihan has won many music awards especially during the Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM) Malaysia. Among the awards are:

AIM 1998
Best New Artiste, Best Nasyid Album, Best Vocal Performance (Group), Album of the Year Puji-Pujian.

AIM 1999
Best Nasyid Album, Best Vocal Performance (Group) and Anugerah Kembara.

AIM 2002
Best Vocal Performace (group) for Demi Masa album which Raihan won the special distribution rights in Thailand collaborating with Green Media Record.

AIM 2004
Best Nasyid Album for Gema Alam album.